September 5, 2019

Amy Sadao, Director of Philadelphia's Institute of Contemporary Art, Steps Down

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIAAmy Sadao, the director of the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) at the University of Pennsylvania, has announced that she is resigning to pursue new opportunities and personal projects after more than seven years at the helm of the institution. Under Sadao’s leadership, the ICA strengthened its exhibition and publications program, increased attendance and public engagement, and expanded the museum’s digital impact and reach.

During her tenure, the ICA presented fifty-one exhibitions dedicated to underrepresented and overlooked artists. Sadao said her term was “guided by questions of what a feminist, anti-racist, queer-and trans-embracing contemporary museum would look, feel, and act like.” She added: “It’s only right that a new director creates the next strategic plan. I am excited to experience the next iteration of ICA. My goals now include a book project on art and community that will examine the efforts to redefine the evolving roles and responsibilities of museums across the country.”

The university’s vice provost for faculty, Anita Allen, will chair the advisory committee for the selection of the ICA’s next director. The committee will comprise faculty, scholars, artists, and staff in addition to members of the board of overseers, including Sharon Hayes, Michael Leja, Aaron Levy, Lynn Marsden-Atlass, Katherine Sachs, David Simon, and Julian Siggers. John McInerney, the head of Penn’s Sachs Program for Arts Innovation, will serve as interim director until Sadao’s successor is appointed.

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