February 1, 2019

Gibney Launches New Art and Social Justice Initiative

NEW YORK—The New York–based nonprofit Gibney announced today the artists participating in its new art and social justice initiative. Focusing on artistry, entrepreneurship, social engagement, and activism, “Moving Toward Justice” will support projects by Nana Chinara & Shanée Smith, Kevin Gotkin, Kris Grey & Maya Ciarrocchi, Parijat Desai, Kayhan Irani, and Antonio Ramos.

Each cohort member will receive a $6,000 stipend and work directly with Gibney CEO and artistic director, Gina Gibney—who formed her own social justice-focused dance company in 1991—a dedicated project administrator, and a mentor who is an expert in a field related to the project. All members will have access to infrastructural support and resources at Gibney as they build out their projects and will be invited to attend workshops, trainings, and site visits.

The projects being backed address complex contemporary issues and range from Chinara & Smith’s Black Rose | Sacred Circle, which will provide “a space and place centering the healing of Black Youth through movement, memoir, poetry and sectional research—informed by Black Feminist praxis and theory” to Antonio Ramos’s artistic exchange program for queer Puerto Rican artists making work after Hurricane Maria.

“In these challenging times, more and more artists have a desire to use their work to activate social change,” Gina Gibney said in a statement. “As a crucial component of Gibney’s Next Phase, we are committed to leveraging our resources to support and incubate these projects. When these artists and activists have the support they need to turn their ideas into actionable and sustainable plans, the potential ripple effect is astounding.”

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