August 13, 2018

Glasgow School of Art’s Reid Building Will Undergo Repairs Following June Fire

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND—The Glasgow School of Art’s Reid Building will undergo repairs to damage sustained during the June 2018 fire that gutted the neighboring Mackintosh Building. The Reid Building’s interior was unharmed during the blaze, but the facility’s frosted glass rain shield was compromised from the intense heat produced by the fire. Repairs are expected to take one year to complete and will be done in tandem with the ongoing stabilization work at the Mackintosh, India Block reports for Dezeen.

The Reid Building opened in 2014 as an extension of the Mackintosh shortly before a damaged that building’s library. A representative for Steven Holl Architects, the firm responsible for the Reid, said, “JM Architects, our associate architect for the Reid Building, has been monitoring the situation with the school, and is ready to assist with the assessment and restoration of the façade. Steven Holl Architects will work with JM Architects and the school as needed.”

According to a document released August 7 by the Glasgow School of Art, repairs will not interfere with the daily operations of the building, but the Reid will remain closed while the Mackintosh’s façade is dismantled and the safety cordon enforced by the Glasgow city council is in effect. Façade dismantling is on schedule and expected to conclude in mid-September. The school’s eleven facilities outside the safety cordon will be open for the start of the 2018–19 academic year.

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