June 28, 2018

Mary S. Byrd Gallery Receives $40,000 Ellsworth Kelly Award

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA—The Foundation for Contemporary Art, the New York–based charitable organization established by John Cage and Jasper Johnsin 1963, announced today that the Mary S. Byrd Gallery of Art at Augusta University is the third recipient of the Ellsworth Kelly Award. The $40,000 annual grant supports exhibitions at regional US museums and college art galleries.

The funds will be used to stage a solo exhibition of new multimedia works by the Atlanta-based sculptor Bojana Ginn. Opening in the fall of 2019, the show will be curated by the institution’s inaugural director, Shannon Morris.

“The Mary S. Byrd Gallery of Art mirrors Ellsworth Kelly’s belief in supporting emerging, midcareer, and underrecognized artists,” said Stacy Tenenbaum Stark, executive director of the foundation. “FCA is pleased that the 2018 Ellsworth Kelly Award will be the first to support an exhibition outside of a major metropolitan area, and the work of a local artist.”

Born in the former Yugoslavia in 1974, Ginn was pursuing a degree in biology before she switched career paths and earned an MFA from the Savannah School of Art and Design. She is known for creating installations that combine natural fibers and new media, connecting the technological and natural worlds.

Commenting on her work, Morris said: “Ginn’s interest in redefining humanity’s relationship to ancient materials results in installations filled with vistas of light and organic fiber, which she manipulates in a non-traditional manner. As a practicing artist and scientist, she successfully combines the two [disciplines] into a complete aesthetic experience.”

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