April 26, 2018

New Digital Platform Launches to Expand Access to Art History Education

LONDON, ENGLAND— Heni Talks, a new digital education platform for art history modelled on the popular TED Talks lecture series, has launched, Aimee Dawson reports forThe Art Newspaper. Heni Talks emerged from the 2016 decision, later reversed by the UK Exam Board to discontinue A-level art history courses at high schools in the United Kingdom. The platform is overseen by Heni, an international art publishing and production company.

“The online audience for art history is massive and there is a hunger for great content out there,” Munira Mirza, HENI Talks director and former deputy mayor for education and culture of London, said. “Around half of all adults online watch educational videos, and they very often discover them through social media. Unlike a single museum’s YouTube channel, we are not confined to a collection of objects; our films can be as wide-ranging and as curious as our speakers.”

The site currently hosts twenty-six videos that assess art movements, individual works of art, artists, and theories. Artists Damien Hirst, Jeremy Deller, and David Batchelor, filmmaker Jonas Mekas, and art historian Martin Kemp are among the presenters. New videos are expected to be added to the collection every two weeks.

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