January 26, 2018

Robin Rhode Awarded $100,000 Zurich Art Prize

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND—Zurich’s Museum Haus Konstruktiv has announced that South African artist Robin Rhode is the eleventh winner of the 2018 Zurich Art Prize. The artist was awarded $80,000 for the production of new work for a solo exhibition to be staged at the museum in October and $20,000 in prize money.

According to a statement issued by the museum, the jury praised Rhode’s vocabulary of constructivism, engagement with audiences through his works, and ability to see the medium of drawing as something that’s not limited to the pictorial plane. “Whether choreographed or improvised, Rhode sees the drawing as something interwoven with space and context, which is ultimately captured in the form of photo sequences, videos, or objects,” the statement read.

Born in Cape Town in 1976, the Berlin-based artist is known for his performance-based process, through which he activates the walls of the galleries where he is exhibiting. An example of this is his performance Car Wash, 2014, for which the artist drew a car on an empty black wall, and then, “unfazed by the enthralled audience . . . pushed people aside and treated them as props, later letting them participate by encouraging them to clean the drawing,” Cristina Sanchez-Kozyreva wrote in a Critic’s Pick for

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