November 3, 2017

MoMA Director Glenn D. Lowry Delivers Annual Harvard Art Museums Lecture

CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS—Glenn D. Lowry, director of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, delivered the Annual Henri Zerner Lecture at the Harvard Art Museums, Wednesday, October 25, Zachary T.L. Mohamed reports for the Harvard Crimson.

Titled “In Between Place: Making Contemporary Art in the Middle East,” Lowry’s lecture featured work of artists Walid Raad, Oraib Toukan, Jananne Al-Ani, Ahmed Mater, and Bouchra Khalili, among others. Of Bouchra Khalili’s work The Mapping Journey Project, which was exhibited at MoMA in 2016, Lowry said, “Khalili succeeds at making these stories intensely personal, while allowing us to follow each person’s journey without seeing their face, and allowing us to understand their journey as part of a larger migration.”

“Anxiety needs to be incorporated into the object of critical attention,” Lowry said. “Anxiety is the effective address to the world that reveals itself as caught up in between frames.” Further emphasizing the concepts of “in-between-ness,” self-identity, and deterritorialization, Lowry said, “Liminal space, the in-between space, at times metaphoric and emotional or spiritual, where these artists balance the contingency of settlement with the reality of itinerancy.”

Lowry has been director of the Museum of Modern Art since 1995; he has received a Master of Arts and a PhD from Harvard University. The previous Henri Zerner Lecture, “Tangled Up In Words,” was given by artist Mel Bochner in October 2016.

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