Academy of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition 15|16

Every year, a growing number of highly-qualified graduates of all the study programs offered at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, leave school ready to embark on their new career paths and lives. This year’s Thesis Exhibition 15|16 offered a representative overview of the artwork of students at the Academy and shows how these works have significantly contributed to the development of arts-based research. In 2016, there have been 144 graduations in the following study programs:

Architecture: Bachelor/Master

Fine Arts: Studios: Abstract Painting | Expanded Pictorial Space | Figurative Painting | Graphic Arts and Printmaking Techniques | Contextual Painting | Conceptual Art | Art in Public Space | Expanded Pictorial Space-Action /Sculpture/Installation | Art and Digital Media | Art and Film | Art and Research | Art and Photography | Object Sculpture | Performative Art | Performative Art – Sculpture | Textual Sculpture | Video and Video Installation

Fine Arts: Study Program Art and Cultural Studies

Conservation-Restoration: Study Focuses: Paintings / Sculptures | Objects | Paper / Photographs / Books / Archive Material | Mural Paintings / Architectural Surfaces| Modern and Contemporary Art


Education in the Arts Programs: Art and Education | Design and Context | Fashions and Styles

Master in Critical Studies

Doctoral Studies: Philosophy, Technical Sciences, PhD in Practice

The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna is one of the oldest but, at the same time, one of the most innovative art universities in Europe. With more than 1,400 students from over fifty countries and approximately 300 internationally successful lecturers, the Academy is one of the largest among those universities whose research and teaching mainly focus on fine art.

Participating artists

Nadia Tatiana Behrmann-Brodatzki
Mareike Bernien
Sarah Bildstein
Iris Borovčnik
Karoline Dausien
Avin Fathulla
Johannes Michael Frauenschuh
Mathias Frischauf
Rena Giesecke
Benjamin Grabherr
Daniela Grabosch
Lukas Gschweitl
Alois Hehenberger
Lukas Hochrieder
Lea Huck
Iva Evgenieva Ivanova
Nicole Theresa King
Marcus Kraus
Malgorzata Kugler
Hannahlisa Kunyik
Farshid Larimian
Jennifer Mattes
Philipp-Emanuel Mauthe
Inka Dorothea Meißner
Süreya Elsa Miller
Jöran Möller
Johannes Burkhard Niesel-Reghenzani
Matthias Noggler
Esra Özmen/EsRap
Steffi Parlow
Christiana Perschon
Izabela Rogucka
Juliane Saupe
Michaela Schweighofer
Miae Son
Martin Steininger
Marcel Steinmann
Angela Strohberger
Julia Maria Wallisch
Patrick Weber
Daniela Zeilinger
Dorothea Zeyringer
Nikola Znaor

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

June 23–July 1, 2016

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Schillerplatz 3, A - 1010 Vienna

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+43 (1) 588 16-1818