April 2016

Columbia University School of the Arts 2016 MFA Thesis Exhibition

Columbia University School of the Arts

Jiwoon Yoon. "HENOKO," 2016. Installation view.

Alex Strada. "Port of Haifa. Latrun, Israel," 2016.

Mike Hewson. Installation view, 2016.

Emily Kloppenburg. "Untitled #1-4 (Barricade Study)," 2016. Installation view.

Tali Keren. "The rapture of the rejected Jeffersonian seal," 2016. Installation view.

Cy Gavin. Untitled, 2016.

ektor garcia. "the master's tools will never dismantle the master's house o concentrate o chiquita pero picante," 2016 (detail).

Brooke Holloway. "Triptych," 2016. Installation view.

Cary Hulbert. "Adapting to the Demands of All Six Time Scales," 2016. Installation view.

Coby Kennedy. Installation view, 2016.

Rola Khayyat. Installation view, 2016.

Jonah King. "Upper_Sea," 2016. Installation view.

Justin Dale Olerud. Installation view, 2016.

Rachel Stern. "The Zeiterion Cinema," 2016. Installation view.

Victoria-Idongesit Udondian. "Outside the box: The Inaugural Nigerian Pavilion at the 56th Venice biennale- An Excerpt," 2016. Installation view.

Cameron Welch. "Prom Night (For Bigger Thomas)," 2016.

Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels. "Untitled (ceiling)," 2016. Installation view.

Ilana Yacine Harris-Babou. "Cooking with the Erotic," 2016. Installation view.

Jenny Cho. Installation View, 2016.

Devra Fox. "At Rest," 2016. Installation view.

Bryan Jabs. Installation view, 2016.

Filip Lav. "Naked As We Came," 2016. Installation view.

Pablo Montealegre. "Mr. Assbackwards," 2016.

Meredith Sands. "Hands On Learning II," 2016.

Michael Stablein, Jr. "Swole," 2016. Detail.

Curated by Regine Basha. Featuring: Jenny Cho, Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels, Devra Fox, ektor garcia, Cy Gavin, Ilana Yacine Harris-Babou, Mike Hewson, Brooke Holloway, Cary Hulbert, Bryan Jabs, Coby Kennedy, Tali Keren, Rola Khayyat, Jonah King, Emily Kloppenburg, Pablo Montealegre, Filip Lav, Justin Dale Olerud, Meredith Sands, Michael Stablein, Jr., Rachel Stern, Alex Strada, Victoria Udondian, Cameron Welch, and Jiwoon Yoon.

Participating Artists

Jenny Cho
Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels
Devra Fox
ektor garcia
Cy Gavin
Ilana Yacine Harris-Babou
Mike Hewson
Brooke Holloway
Cary Hulbert
Bryan Jabs
Coby Kennedy
Tali Keren
Rola Khayyat
Jonah King
Emily Kloppenburg
Pablo Montealegre
Filip Lav
Justin Dale Olerud
Meredith Sands
Michael Stablein, Jr.
Rachel Stern
Alex Strada
Victoria Udondian
Cameron Welch
Jiwoon Yoon

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