January 2016

Mason Gross MFA Thesis Season 2016

Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University

Jason Baerg. "ᐅᐢᑳᔨ ᐊᐢᑮᕀ," 2016. Installation view from the exhibition "If They Arrive at Sunrise."

Jason Baerg. "ᐅᐢᑳᔨ ᐊᐢᑮᕀ," 2016. Installation view from the exhibition "If They Arrive at Sunrise."

Jaewon Choi. Untitled, 2016.

Jaewon Choi. Untitled, 2016.

Rob Dallas."one small step for a man," 2016. Cinder block, galvanized steel pipe, assorted wood, brown tape, zip ties, grommets, disco ball and motor, Wikipedia entry for Cat’s-whisker detector, and inkjet prints.

Rob Dallas. Installation view of "If They Arrive at Sunrise" at the Mason Gross Galleries, 2016.

Brian Edgerton. "Zig Zag and Bulbs," 2016. Pigment prints on self-adhesive fabric.

Brian Edgerton. "Tall Shapes," 2016. Pigment prints on paper.

Ashley Epps. Untitled, 2016. Mixed media.

Ashley Epps. Untitled, 2016. Mixed media.

Spencer Lee Erickson. "III," 2016. Iron oxide and hydrochloric acid on canvas; "Social Sculpture". Structolite, oxide pigment, reflective emergency blanket.

Spencer Lee Erickson. (left to right) "Gate," 2016. Steel, Vaseline, child's parka hood; "III," 2016. Iron oxide and hydrochloric acid on canvas;
"Untitled," 2016. Economy steel folding chairs, hurricane oil lamp, flame, steel.

Maximiliano Ferro. Untitled, 2015. Plywood, mirror, plastic cup, plaster, water.

Maximiliano Ferro. Installation view from the exhibition "Friend," 2016.

Basia Goszczynska. "Detour," 2016. Beach plastic, beach rope, beach fencing, used plastic bags, steel. 11ft x 11ft x 42in.

Basia Goszczynska."Swell," 2016. Beach foam, beach cables, beach straws, cemetery dumpster flowers, used plastic bags, scavenged wire, scavenged aluminum, scavenged rubber, scavenged eps foam, cinder blocks. 10ft x 15ft x 9ft.

Evan Halter. "Sepulcher (After Fra Angelico)," 2015. Oil on canvas. 32in x48in.

Evan Halter. "Threshold (with Ficus and Plumb-bob)," 2016. Oil on canvas, 46in x 38in.

Grace Jackson, "Carl," 2015. Plaster and watercolor.

Grace Jackson. "The Carpet Paintings," 2016. Oil on wood panel.

Bomi Bea Kim. "Mummy Figurines," 2016. Glazed and slipped earthenware.

Bomi Bea Kim. "Untitled (Cooking Demonstration)," 2016. Video.

Rachel MacFarlane. "Strange Vitality," 2016.

Rachel MacFarlane. "Underneath and Through," 2016. Oil on Linen.

Burleigh Morton. "Jeanne's Kitchen," 2016. Platinum palladium print in artist's frame.

Burleigh Morton. (Top) From Rijksteyel Series, 2016. Pigment Print. (Bottom) "Flow Blue," 2016. Cyanotype and gelatin on plaster.

Andrew Schwartz."Martini Paintings," 2016.

Andrew Schwartz. "Martini Paintings," 2016.

Mitch Speed. Untitled, 2016.

Mitch Speed. Untitled, 2016.

Aaron Turner. "Black Alchemy," 2016.

Aaron Turner. Untitled, 2016.

Anna-Sophia Vukovich. "Something that is very near in space and time but not yet known to me," 2016.

Anna-Sophia Vukovich. "Can I See Your Liver," 2016.

Sena Wataya. Untitled, 2016.

Sena Wataya. Untitled, 2016.

Ella Wearing."Bank" and "Block Pattern," 2015.

Ella Wearing. "Block Pattern," "Hall," and "Trenton Facades," 2015.

Jane Westrick. "Exit Field," 2016. Oil on paper.

Jane Westrick. (Left to right) "Garden," "Twin Bunk," "Meeting the Creature," 2016. Oil on paper.

MFA Thesis exhibitions are presented each spring in Mason Gross Galleries, the school’s 4,000-square-foot gallery space dedicated to showcasing student work. Following Thesis is an annual culminating group exhibition, “Rutgers in NY,” featured this year at the Invisible Dog in Brooklyn.

The Mason Gross School’s MFA program was established in 1960 as the first non-disciplinary-specific fine art graduate program in the United States. This intimate community of artists within Rutgers University has a history of being a vibrant locus for interdisciplinary inquiry and critical reflection. Notable MFA alumni include Alice Aycock, Cheryl Dunye, Amy Feldman, Raque Ford, Matthew Day Jackson, Paddy Johnson, Jennie C. Jones, Israel Lund, Jeanine Oleson, Cliff Owens, William Pope.L, Charles Ray, Lucas Samaras, Juan Sánchez, George Segal, Mimi Smith, Joan Snyder, Keith Sonnier, Jackie Winsor, and Wendy White.

Participating Artists

Jason Baerg
Jaewon Choi
Robert Dallas
Brian Edgerton
Ashley Epps
Spencer Erickson
Maximilliano Ferro
Basia Goszczynska
Evan Halter
Grace Jackson
Bomi Bea Kim
Rachel MacFarlane
Burleigh Morton
Andrew Schwartz
Mitch Speed
Aaron Turner
Anna-Sophia Vukovich
Sena Wataya
Ella Wearing
Jane Westrick

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