May 2015

SVA MFA Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition

School of Visual Arts (SVA)

K.C. Tidemand "Blow Up Room," 2015. Plastic, box fans, duck tape.

Emily Marshall. "If the Crown Fits," 2015. Installation.

Lulu Zhang. "Plate de Ringo," 2015. Concentrated watercolor on paper. "Plate de Ringo," 2015. Mixed media. "Class of 2015," 2015. Concentrated watercolor on paper.

Hyeonkyeong Yeo. "Moonflowers," 2014. Oil on canvas. "Thorny Hair," 2015. Oil on canvas. "He said he felt his skin prickle," 2015. Oil on canvas. "Sprouts," 2014. Oil on canvas. "Got Stung By," 2015. Oil on canvas.

Guido Garaychochea. "I Became My Crime," 2015. Recorded phone calls. "Laura’s Self Portrait," 2015. Pen on paper. "Flo’s Self Portrait," 2015. Collage. Lin’s Self Portrait, 2015 Collage

Jsun Laliberte. "Crater Board," 2014. Pigment and paper pulp. "Blue Lemon Shard," 2015. Pigment and paper pulp. "Untitled," 2015. Pigment, gouache, and paper pulp.

Sora Kang. "Untitled Paint on Body_Peaceful and Powerful #20, #14, #21, and #3," 2015. Digital C-print.

Sydney Phelon. "Box of sex toys, boxes of children’s drawings," 2015. Digital print. "Mother/Daughter/Wife wearing her father’s shirt taking a selfie in a mirror decorated by her daughter," 2015. Digital print.
"The New Idolatry and Mass Therapy," 2015. Video. "Trisha," 2015. Video. "We Live in the Flicker," 2015. Video.

Dana Majana. "AA- 19th Street," 2015. Oil and acrylic on canvas. "Hbo Special: 1989," 2015. Oil on canvas. "Microsoft Pen #"1, 2015. Acrylic and spray paint on canvas. "Shorts That Go Without You," 2015. Oil on canvas.

Kathie Halfin. "Gravity," 2015. Mixed media installation, sound.

Claire Haik. "Glacial Friction 1, 9, and 12," 2015. Oil and rocks on canvas. "Pangaea," 2015. Clock, wrench, acrylic tube, cast iron pipes, and sediment from each continent on earth.

Brandy Bajalia. "Unadulterated Fiction," 2015. Video, 8:45 min. "Galantamine," 2015. Dirt, quilt, daffodils, picnic.

Panayiotis Terzis. "Vision Zero: Phase II," 2015. Screenprint on fabric, plaster, paint.

Hee Sun Shin. "An Urgent Whisper," 2015; "Topoi," 2015; "Topoi 1," 2015; "Topoi 2," 2015; "Topoi 3," 2015; "Topoi 4," 2015; "Topoi 5," 2015; "I’m fine," 2015. Plastic chair, compound gel, foam, plexiglass, thread, color glue.

Dominika Koziak. "The Apotheosis of BigBang," 2015; "Choi Seung Hyun," 2014; "Kwon Ji Yong," 2014; "Kwon Ji Yong and Choi Seung Hyun," 2014;
"Gdragon and T.O.P.," 2014; "T.O.P.," 2015; "GDragon," 2015; "Daesung," 2015; "Seungri," 2015; "Taeyang," 2015; "Dominika the Devout," 2015.

Nadine Faraj. "Ten Thousand Facets of My Being," 2015. Watercolor on paper. "A Jealous Wife," 2015. Watercolor on paper. "Laughing at the Word Two," 2015. Watercolor on paper. "Just Looking for Trouble," 2014. Watercolor on paper.

Pik-Shuen Fung. "Daughters," 2015. Video, 7:53.

Richard Borashan. "Unit Thirty-One," 2014. Door. "Crowell Rd.," 2015. Charcoal on paper. "Rose Circle," 2015. Charcoal on paper. "Paseo Del Sol," 2015. Charcoal on paper. "Dels Ln.," 2015. Charcoal on paper.
"Tuolumne Rd.," 2015. Charcoal on paper. "Christofferson Pkwy.," 2015. Charcoal on paper. "Taylor Rd.," 2015. Charcoal on paper. "Cambridge Ct.," 2015. Charcoal on paper.

Kate Verdict. "Oxbow," 2015. Gouache, india ink, and chalk on paper. "Doves," 2015. Gouache and graphite on paper. "Untitled," 2015. Gouache and graphite on paper. "Untitled," 2015. Gouache and graphite on paper.
"Twins," 2015. Gouache and graphite on paper. "Hekate," 2015. India ink and acrylic gloss medium on paper. "Aquipher," 2015. Gouache and india ink on paper.

Aran Winterbottom. "Blow-Up Mr. Moto," 2015. Magazine cut outs on enamel painted. "Skin Pansies," 2015. Magazine cut outs on enamel painted panels.
Trojan Boy, “Dolph,” 2015. Inkjet print. Trojan Boy, “Jairy,” 2015. Inkjet print. Trojan Boy, “Adam,” 2015. Inkjet print. Trojan Boy, “Yves,” 2015. Inkjet print. Trojan Boy, “Chaz," 2015. Inkjet print. Trojan Boy, “Bobby,” 2015. Inkjet print.

Elizabeth Grammaticus. "Popular Trauma," 2015. Mixed media installation.

O Woomi Chung. "Scrota for Mom," 2015. Performance. "March 18th, 2015," 2015. Sound, 3:20 min.

Fiorella Gonzales Vigil. "Suspended presences," 2015. Canopies, motors, and fans.

Dominique Palladino. "Meditaint," 2015. Video installation, 13 min.

Jung Hee Mun. "A Pilot’s Sky Journal," 2015. Video, 3:45 min; 9 Phototransfers on etched plexiglas.

Jeawon Kim. "The Third Space #1," 2015. Paper, pins, wall drawings. "The Third Space #4," 2015. Printed photographs, foamcore, fishing wire, wall drawings. "The Third Space #5," 2015. Wall drawings.

Sarah Johansen. "I'm an Astroid Wrangler, We Should Talk," 2015. 24 pocket rockets carved with space pick-up lines received from potential dates on OKCupid, velvet, glass.

Rebecca Kuzemchak. "Babel," 2015. Genesis 11:1-9 as Google Translated into twenty-one languages, ink pen on paper.

Nicole Handel. "Meditation for Construction," 2015. Video and sound installation, 5:09 min.

Seung Hyun (Sierra) Lee. "Street of Oneiric," 2015. Paper, wood frames, colored light.

Hyunho Kim. "The Summoning Project: O Woomi Chung #1," 2015. Video, 6 min. "The Summoning Project: O Woomi Chung #2," 2015. Photo album.
"The Summoning Project: Nadine Faraj," 2015. Digital print. "The Summoning Project: How the painter have a family gathering," 2014. Digital print.

Shinyoung Park. "White bread," 2015. Wood, styrofoam, steel wire, plaster, paint, wood stain.

Laura Protzel. "Shadow Theater," 2015 Wood, paper.

Sarah Dineen. "Certain Dark Things #36," 2015. Acrylic on canvas.

Christybomb. Mixed-media installation 2015 (left to right): Zootoxin, Serotonin, Periodic Table of the Elements, Plutonium, Photoexcitation, String Theory II.

Curated by Lumi Tan.

This transitional moment between student and working artist is foregrounded by the deliberately public location of this year’s exhibition­–for the first time, the thesis show steps away from the 15th floor SVA Chelsea gallery to a storefront space on a commercial street in Williamsburg, a neighborhood now associated with waves of artists who have brought striking economic and cultural change over the past few decades. A temporary space for exhibitions that will then be demolished for the construction of affordable housing, it quite bluntly speaks to the context of reinvention. By engaging with disparate audiences—those who seek out the exhibition, artists living and working in the neighborhood, and curious passersby—the work moves from the certain comforts of the Chelsea gallery district and the school studio into an undefined space in which it must speak for itself. Most simply put, this collection of artworks may have left a school in Manhattan together, but will be returned to a multifaceted group of artists throughout the boroughs, and far further afield.

The MFA in Fine Arts at the School of Visual arts was founded in 1983 in New York City, and counts among its faculty such artists as Marilyn Minter, Fred Wilson, Laurel Nakadate, Leigh Ladare, Angel Nevarez, Dave Mackenzie, Julianne Schwartz, and Mark Tribe.

Participating Artists

Brandy Bajalia
Richard Borashan
Trojan Boy
O Woomi Chung
Sarah Dineen
Nadine Faraj
Pik-Shuen Fung
Guido Garaychochea
Fiorella Gonzales Vigil
Elizabeth Grammaticus
Claire Haik
Kathie Halfin
Nicole Handel
Sarah Johansen
Sora Kang
Jeawon Kim
Hyunho Kim
Dominika Koziak
Rebecca Kuzemchak
Jsun Laliberte
Seung Hyun (Sierra) Lee
Dana Majana
Emily Marshall
Jung Hee Mun
Dominique Palladino
Shinyoung Park
Sydney Phelon
Laura Protzel
Hee Sun Shin
Panayiotis Terzis
K.C. Tidemand
Kate Verdict
Aran Winterbottom
Hyeonkyeong Yeo
Lulu Zhang

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