July 2020

MFA Thesis Exhibition

Columbia University School of the Arts

Aika Akhmetova, Pepe Hole, 2020. Video, 3 minutes 20 seconds.

Henry Anker. Bird Flying Into Its Own Reflection, 2019. Oil on canvas, 76 x 87”. Photo: Roni Aviv.

Catalina Antonio Granados, 26 Federal Plaza, 2020. Wood and overhead projector, variable dimensions. Photo: Catalina Antonio Granados.

Roni Aviv, I’d rather not, 2020. Archival inkjet prints, 20 x 30".

Patrick Bayly, red, bedroom, 2020. Oil on linen, 55 x 69”.

Eric Brittain, Frankenstein Horsepower, 2020. Wood, enamel, stainless steel, and rubber gasket, 24 x 10 x 59”. Photo: Eric Brittain.

Rosana Cabán, Find Your Joy, 2020. Video, 3 minutes 54 seconds.

Fontaine Capel, Proposal for A Monument, 2019. Powdered graphite on paper, 12 x 5'. Photo: Mónica Felix.

Susan Chen, Yang Gang, 2020. Oil on canvas, 76 x 96”. Photo: Adam Reich.

Joanna Cortez, Pattern West, 2020. Stoneware, 50 x 31”.

Lauren Covey, HOW TO BE CONFIDENT, 2020. Sound and video installation, dimensions variable, 8 minutes 49 seconds.

Julian Day, Our Golden Age, 2015. Trumpets and chrome rods, 20 x 30 x 5”. Photo: Matthew McGuigan.

Mónica Félix, RGB - Arquetipos del epílogo (Romance Tropical), 2020. Digital photograph.

Baris Gokturk, Fires_Riot 02, 2018. Ink, acrylic, and image transfer on linen, 86 x 65”.

Joan Hacker, I Am a Liar Because I'm Afraid, 2019. Video, infinite loop. Photo: Joan Hacker.

Jenn Hassin, Respect, 2019. Fired porcelain dipped long-stem flowers, glazed with glass and sand, embedded into pulp made from the sheets a close friend was raped on, mounted on plywood cradled frame, 40 x 90 x 4”. Photo: Yehudis Moskovits.

Yifan Jiang, Two Truth and a Lie, 2019. Video animation, 20 minutes, 30 seconds. Written and produced by Yifan Jiang & James. J. A. Mercer. Voiced by Yifan Jiang, James J. A. Mercer, Fontaine Capel, Clare Koury, and Eric Brittain.

Clare Koury, Feast of the Ascension, 2020. Track light heads, corn kernels, double cherry tokens, and Cosmic Brownies, 120 x 12 x 6”. Photo: Clare Koury.

Yushan Liu, Violently Happy, 2019. Resin, laser-cut acrylic sheets, paper clay, etching prints, silkscreen prints, other plastic materials, 5 x 5 x 11’. Photo: Yushan Liu.

Paula Lycan, As the Shadows Lengthen, 2020. Gelatin silver print, 16 x 20”.

Cara Lynch, I'll Be Back Someday, 2020. Performance and installation featuring Linda Ronstadt’s “Blue Bayou”, 4 minutes, 10 x 8 x 7’.

Erica Mao, Manhunt, 2020. Oil on wood panel, 11 x 14”.

James J.A. Mercer, Some Pets, 2020. Oil on canvas, 26 x 26”. Photo: James J.A. Mercer.

Kathryn Ann Miller, My Studio has a Portal...that leads to an Enchanted Forest, 2019. Site-specific installation. Photo: Kathryn Ann Miller.

Bradley Pitts, Fire Pit, 2020. Wood, paracord, knife, emergency blanket, crank radio, headlamp, bone, 16 x 50 x 40". Photo: Bradley Pitts.

Stipan Tadić, Medika Dance, 2019. Oil on canvas, 45 x 64”. Photo: Stipan Tadić.

Kiyomi Quinn Taylor, Night Drive, 2020. Stop motion animation, 3 minutes 46 seconds.

Lau Wai, Untitled, 2019-20. Two-channel video, color and sound, 3 minutes 13 seconds.

Meredith Pence Wilson, Time in the Pocket, 2020. Acrylic, gouache, and oil on panel, 24 x 28”.

Mark Yang, Flare, 2020. Oil on canvas, 55 x 80”. Photo: Mark Yang.

Yi Sa-Ra, when stretched too thin, 2020. HD video, color, sound, 15 minutes.

Columbia University School of the Arts Visual Arts MFA Thesis Exhibition marks the culmination of two years of intensive study and art-making in our Program. The exhibition takes place each spring at the Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery in the Lenfest Center for the Arts. This year our in-person exhibition has been postponed until health concerns allow. New dates will be announced on our website.

The students, faculty, and staff of the Visual Arts Program are excited to share artworks from the MFA class of 2020 with you. Please join us in celebrating a new generation of artists emerging in this time of enormous grief, rage, passion, and hope.

Matthew Buckingham
Chair, Visual Arts Program

Participating Artists

Sound Art
Rosana Cabán
Lauren Covey
Julian Day
Joan Hacker

Visual Arts
Aika Akhmetova
Henry Anker
Catalina Antonio Granados
Roni Aviv
Patrick Bayly
Eric Brittain
Fontaine Capel
Susan Chen
Joanna Cortez
Mónica Félix
Baris Gokturk
Jennifer Hassin
Yifan Jiang
Clare Koury
Yushan Liu
Paula Lycan
Cara Lynch
Erica Mao
James J.A. Mercer
Kathryn Ann Miller
Bradley Pitts
Stipan Tadić
Kiyomi Quinn Taylor
Lau Wai
Meredith Pence Wilson
Mark Yang
Yi Sa-Ra

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