Say Ever Moves: Bard MFA Class of 2020 Thesis Exhibition

Founded in 1981, Bard MFA is a nontraditional master’s degree program for visual, written, and time-based arts. At Bard, the community itself is the primary resource for the student—serving as audience, teacher, and peer group in ongoing dialogue. In interdisciplinary group critiques, seminars, and all-school presentations, as well as in-discipline caucuses and one-on-one conferences, the artist students engage with approximately sixty noted faculty members as they develop their individual studio practices. The program probes a diversity of approaches and fosters imaginative responses and insights to aesthetic concerns across the disciplines of film/video, writing, painting, sculpture, photography, and music/sound. The MFA is low residency and takes place over two years and two months. Students complete three consecutive eight-week summer sessions on campus and two independent study sessions off campus during the intervening winters.

The class of 2020 thesis presentation, Say Ever Moves, was on view July 21–28, 2019 at the Bard College Exhibition Center/UBS Gallery in Red Hook, New York. Presentations of performance, readings, and screenings of time-based works took place on the Bard College campus during the evenings of July 22–26, 2019.

The exhibition was co-produced by Paula Stuttman, Josephine Shokrian, MFA '20, and Marisa Espe ’20 CCS Bard.

For visual descriptions of the works in Say Ever Moves, please visit the exhibition Soundcloud.

Unless otherwise noted, all images courtesy of Peter Mauney, 2019.

Participating artists

Luis Arnias
Georgian Badal
Jobi Bicos
Lauren Burrow
Gwenan Davies
Omari Douglin
Carolina Fandiño Salcedo
Carolyn Ferrucci
Marco Gomez
Colleen Hargaden
Evie K. Horton
Christiane Huber
Rachel James
Jamie Krasner
Nawahineokala'i Lanzilotti
Dani Leder
Isabel Mallet
Carla Jean Mayer
Lee Nachum
Brandon Ndife
Diane Severin Nguyen
Jaxyn Randall
Miko Revereza
Alicia Salvadeo
Robert Sandler
Josephine Shokrian
Estelle Srivijittakar
Jordan Strafer
Daniel Sullivan
Christopher van Ginhoven Rey
Jessica Wilson
Alex Zandi

Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts at Bard College

July 21–28, 2019

Bard College Exhibition Center/UBS Gallery
29 O’Callaghan Lane
Red Hook, NY