The Place of Birth: Sandberg Instituut Graduation 2019

From Adelaide to Zürich, the Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam proudly presents the publication The Place of Birth, which compiles the 2019 graduation exhibitions and events of the Sandberg Instituut. Ninety-one graduates of the Main Departments, Temporary, and Hosted Programmes presented their works to the public at various locations across Amsterdam, the Netherlands, June 14–16, 2019. Part draft and part final content, The Place of Birth consists of contributions by the graduates and guest writers.

The editorial series 9 Belly Buttons & 18 Cheeks includes texts by various guest writers and curators interpreting the works and occurring topics among graduated artists, designers, and (interior) architects. The Place of Birth includes editorials by writer Adrian Madlener, designer and performer Yuri Veerman, second-year student in Architectural Design at Gerrit Rietveld Academie Herman Hjorth Berge, journalist Thomas van Huut, writer and curator Sumaya Kassim, curator Jules van den Langenberg, urban and architectural geographer Mark Minkjan, critic Laurens Otto, and writer and researcher Tamar Shafrir. The Place of Birth is part of an ongoing series of publications by PS (Public Sandberg).

As the postgraduate programme of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, the Sandberg Instituut offers Master Programmes in Fine Arts, Interior Architecture, and Design. The five Main Departments aim to deepen the practices of artists, designers, and critics. In addition, the Temporary Programmes reflect on specific urgencies in society and the arts, and the Hosted Programmes focus on collaboration with other institutes.

Participating artists