August 2018

From the Studio: Zurich University of the Arts Degree Show MA Fine Arts 2018

Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK)

Jeremy Ayer. “Beyond Abandon,” 2018. Giclée on polyester, magnets, shelf, overhead projector.

Clifford E. Bruckmann. “Social Mobility,” 2018. Acrylic on resin-coated chipboard, powder-coated steel, plastic.

Philip Frowein. “Hollow Grounds—Volumes Rising,” 2018. Installation with inkjet prints, slide projection, video.

Désirée Myriam Gnaba. “The Eleven Second Route to Glory,” 2018. Audiovisual installation.

Adrian Hanselmann. “The invention of solitude. Lonely lives in lonely worlds,” 2018. Book.

Vanessà Heer and Sarah Züst. “The Manifold Inexhaustible Path from a Thousand Encounters and Transformations of Undulipodia,” 2018. In collaboration with: Caroline Ann Baur (text), Martina Buzzi and Nicolas Buzzi (sound), Paola Caputo (documentation), Michael Grieder (text), Frida-Lovisa Hamann (speaker), and Bart de Hartog (installation). Wood, wire mesh, cable ties, paste, paper, spray, sound, nap foam, LED.

Dijan Kahrimanovic. “Art and Money,” 2018. Loaded pickup truck, sound.

Maya Lama. “Untitled 1 from Tracing Scrolling Paper Series,” 2018. 0.3mm black ink pen, 0.5mm black ink pen, fine tipped fluorescent coral red marker, yellow ink brush marker on paper.

Matthias Liechti. “Gate (Shimmering Department Store),” 2018. Galvanized steel.

Romain Mader. “Shadow Parker,” 2018. Mixed media installation with various paintings, video.

Marisa Meier. “LowDefinition,” 2018. Four-channel video installation.

Javor Milanov. “2018,” 2018. “Opa cupa,” 2018. “Dog,” 2018. Oil on canvas.

Fidel Morf. “asdlf punctum,” 2018. Plexiglas, hot-dipped galvanized steel, light, smoke, graphite on paper, foil.

Angi Nend. “35qm,” 2018. Reduction of the exhibition space by thirty-five square meters.

Evan Ruetsch. “Even in a black and white film, the colors of the orcas are the same,” 2018. Brick chalet in Plexiglas showcase on battened roof platform.

Claudia Stöckli. “Floating in liquid borderless matter,” 2018. Mixed media installation with performance, ceramic objects, concrete slab, fireclay slab, water, freezer, iPhone, iPads, speakers, analog synthesizer, mixer, laptop, keyboard, cables, microphones, inkjet prints, contact microphones, video.

Aurélie Strumans. “My glance flattened on the surface of the screen,” 2018. Mixed media installation with performance, inkjet prints, sand, pebbles, mortar, concrete, tensioning set, hooks, video, sound.

Raphael Stucky. “With the Hammer Band,” 2018. Performance.

Veli & Amos. “Safety No.1 Priority, Ex.1,” 2018. Video projection.

Jan Vorisek. “Amplified Sludge,” 2017–2018. Wood, metal, plastic, paint.

Raphael Stucky. “Balancing,” “Drumming,” ”Bending,” ”Blowing,” “Reparing,” “Rattling,” “Dragging,” “Chewing,” “Beating,” “Singing,” “Brushing,” “Pushing,” “Forming,” “Picking,” “Sawing,” “Hammering,” “Screaming,” 2018. Fired ceramics, wooden tables.

Angi Nend. “Balance,” 2018. Performance.

Dominic Neuwirth. "The Sobjekt as the ground plan of its own storage,” 2018. Slat bench, wasp nest, book, slate on MDF, wall, sound transducer, sound.

From the Studio—this was the title of the annual degree show that recently brought together twenty-three MA Fine Arts graduates. From the Studio had several implications: on one hand, the show presented twenty-one artistic positions, including two collaborative works created in recent months in the studios—at the ZHdK and elsewhere—and visible for the first time in an exhibition context. On the other hand, From the Studio referred to the ways in which artists pursue their work in the studio. The exhibition focused on materials and media, themes, theories, and ideas. From the Studio also meant the moment of movement: from atelier to public sphere.

The studios were cleared out, freshly painted, cleaned. They became spaces with different connotations, spaces in which different rules apply, in which we move differently, in which our eyes are directed differently. Despite bearing occasional traces of the work process on walls or floors, the rooms appeared glistening white at first glance, even as neutralizing “white cubes,” The creations of the twenty-three artists addressed the nature of contemporary artistic work. They negotiated the rules of ZHdK as an art college and sometimes triggered the fire alarm. They broke the neutrality of the white cube exhibition spaces and revealed the struggle between artistic work and work to earn a living. Contributions by the curator and by the exhibiting graduates to a forthcoming MA Fine Arts publication from JRP|Ringier will further reflect these various aspects and dimensions “from the studio."

Curated by Gioia Dal Molin.

Head of the MFA Program: Dr. phil. Donatella Bernardi

MFA Examination Jury 2018:
Nadia Schneider, Willen-Collection Curator, Migros Museum, Zürich
Jörg Heiser, curator, 2018 Busan Biennale 2018, South Korea; critic, professor, and vice dean, Berlin University of the Arts
Dominique Lämmli, artist and professor, Department Arts & Media, ZHdK
Swetlana Heger, artist and head of department, Department Arts & Media, ZHdK

All photos by Stefan Jäggi.

Participating Artists

Jeremy Ayer
Clifford E. Bruckmann
Philip Frowein
Désirée Myriam Gnaba
Adrian Hanselmann
Vanessà Heer
Dijan Kahrimanovic
Maya Lama
Matthias Liechti
Romain Mader
Marisa Meier
Javor Milanov
Fidel Morf
Angi Nend
Dominic Neuwirth
Evan Ruetsch
Claudia Stöckli
Aurélie Strumans
Raphael Stucky
Veli & Amos
Jan Vorisek
Sarah Züst

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