Voices in Contemporary Art (VoCA)

Voices in Contemporary Art (VoCA) is a non-profit organization that generates critical dialogue and interdisciplinary programming around the preservation, presentation, and research of contemporary art.

Increasingly since the twentieth century, artists have experimented with an unprecedented range of new materials and technologies—often with untested longevity and built-in obsolescence leading to instability. The conceptual concerns that underpin much of contemporary art make its conservation more than an effort to arrest physical change. The artist’s voice is primary in developing preservation strategies and their participation is essential for future conservation and presentation of their work.

VoCA’s network is thus comprised of artists, conservators, curators, collectors, and educators who recognize the need for public forums on new forms of collaboration and documentation. Though based in NYC, VoCA is a mobile organization, partnering with institutions around the US to develop knowledge through our three major program streams: VoCA Talks, VoCA Workshops, and the VoCA Journal.

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