Established by Solange Farkas in 1991, Associação Cultural Videobrasil was born of the desire for an institution to house a growing body of artworks and publications amassed since the first edition of Festival Videobrasil (1983). Ever since, Associação has been working to activate such collection, comprising artworks from the world’s Geopolitical South, video art classics, own productions, and a vast collection of art publications.

Apart from the biennial Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil, Associação carries out actions geared at researching, publicizing and mapping out its collection: international shows; travelling exhibitions; publications about art and culture; TV shows and the Videobrasil Authors Collection documentaries; seminars, workshops and meetings; and artist residency programs, in connection with an international network.

Galpão VB, Videobrasil’s new headquarters in São Paulo, permanently activates the collection and houses exhibitions, film programs, seminars, workshops, artist residencies, and laboratories for creation and reflection. It enables consistent meeting and sharing with the community of artists, curators and researchers, as well as allows the public constant contact with the collection, through access to the Video Library, featuring 1,300-plus items, and a reading room with over 3,200 titles. Covering an 800m2 area, Galpão VB also comprises a café and a store.

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