The Shape of Co- to Come

The Shape of Co- to Come is a proposal, a symposium, an exhibition, a publication, a study circle, a research based site on collective transversality–tvärsektoriell samverkan–of the legacies of the welfare state project’s educational ideals and the free jazz club The Golden Circle, that co-occurred in the 1960s in the ABF house in Stockholm.

The Shape of Co- to Come is an invitation to a circle of people to be, see, listen, and discuss, talks, films and performances that touch upon these legacies through histories of labor and civil-rights struggles, radical sound and voice experimentation, innovative educational visions, and intimate forms of solidarity. How can collisions of circles of expression and knowing co-create transversal relations rather than intolerance and myopic perspectival mud? Dreams of yesterday and tomorrow–in a multiplex nation, beyond the wavering attempts at co-existence on various societal scales, can the synergy of these intersecting practices of poetics and pedagogy, sound profusion and politicized formation, cross-pollinate into other geometric circles?

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