Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA)

TNUA, as the first arts university in Taiwan, has a group of highly accomplished artists who have a strong sense of commitment to educating young talents, and a group of talented students who are passionate about culture and arts. 

As the most important institution for educating artists in Taiwan, TNUA embraces a principle that stresses both the traditional and modern, and both the international and local. Our pedagogy gives equal emphasis to both the theoretical and the practical, with a mission to nurture generations of artists for Taiwan, and to elevate the country's overall artistic and cultural achievements. 

TNUA currently has six schools: Music, Fine Arts, Theatre Arts, Dance, Film and New Media, and Culture Resources. Under them there are nine departments, 19 Graduate institutes and five Doctoral programs. It has received the Teaching Excellence honors from the Ministry of Education for ten consecutive years, and has been widely acclaimed by its peers and others. 

TNUA's educational goal is to nurture "innovators and creators" in the world of the arts. It particularly stresses the importance of unleashing creativity in different fields. TNUA in the past few years has made maximum use of its energy to achieve many impossible tasks. In the future, we will still embrace this spirit to achieve sustainable development.