Nature Addicts Fund

Nature Addicts Fund was founded by Bertrand Jacoberger, chairman and managing director of Solinest, a French distribution company for various candy brands. In 2011 Bertrand simultaneously launched N.A! (Nature Addicts), a natural, additive-free fruit snack, and Nature Addicts Fund, with the conviction that art has a key role to play in sustainability and inspiring tomorrow’s world. NA Fund's mission is to support artists and arts organizations in France and Europe who are concerned with environmental and sustainability issues. The fund also strive to promote ecological balance through conscious practices such as working locally, slow travel means and long-term partnerships. In 2012, NA Fund was partner of the commission and conference program "On Seeds and Multi-species Intra-Action" at dOCUMENTA (13). In 2013 and 2014, Le Centquatre Paris was funded in a partnership that saw five artists benefit from residencies, productions and exhibitions. In 2015, NA Fund hosted an academy of critics, curators and scholars in Venice to discuss perspectives and needs of artistic research in the anthropocene.