Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art

Photo: Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art.

Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art has a civic agenda to put art into action. We connect art, people and ideas. We work with communities to address current issues within politics, economics and culture. Our programmes encompass urgent themes such as climate change, inequality, migration, ageing and wellbeing. We offer changing exhibitions, collection displays, learning activities, projects and community-focused initiatives which involve many artists and publics. These programmes promote creativity for everyone through education, debate and making. As part of Teesside University, we play a key role in the cultural life of the Tees Valley and wider North East. Our ambition is that a range of constituents shape who we are: a public site, open and accessible, diverse and inclusive and used by all.

MIMA School of Art & Design is led by Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (MIMA), part of Teesside University. MIMA’s approach is to place the museum as a critical platform at the centre of art and design courses. The MIMA School of Art & Design takes its values from MIMA’s vision and mission, addressing urgent issues of our era. Our academic and curatorial teams have specialist interests in disability, environmental and social justice, curatorial activism and institutional critique.

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