Kunstuniversität Linz

Kunstuniversität Linz is a future-oriented place of study with a diverse and varied range of curricula. To a large degree, the programmes and profile of the University occupy the interfaces between free and applied design and between artistic creation and scientific research. Teaching, research and artistic development are grouped around three profile clusters: intermediality, spatial strategies, artistic-scientific research. 

This organizational structure confers a special position on Kunstuniversität Linz both within the German-speaking region and beyond. This position is further bolstered by other specifics, such as intense engagement with current and future aspects of art and design, close contacts with artistic and cultural institutions and the world of business, a nexus—supported by numerous projects—between artistic and applied creativity as well as a clearcut commitment to artistic and scientific communication. Compact yet differentiated, equally attuned to the region and to international networks, efficient, creative and relaxed—it is certainly worthwhile to immerse yourself in this atmosphere.