Kingston School of Art at Kingston University London

Ideas emerge here. We are agile thinkers, interrogating the world around us; a generation of artists, filmmakers, designers, architects, photographers, writers, performers, and makers flipping hierarchies and subverting rules in pursuit of the meaningful, strategic and beautiful. 150 years of art school history and an attitude of fearless creativity sets the scene for us to lead the drive towards new ways of crafting.

Disciplines merge here. We stand at the intersection of the creative fields and participate in experimentation and push boundaries with spirited peers. We explore possibilities that arts and humanities education unlocks and develop practitioners with the confidence and ability to contribute to research, industry and society. From intervening in local issues to informing global challenges, we can enhance lives, add delight, and create wonder.

This is a place for the future with an ambition to lead emerging practices. Here we have a vantage point over the communications, spaces, products, images, fashion, and interactions of tomorrow. It is a place to improve the ‘now’ and define the ‘next’… Go.

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