Haute école des arts du Rhin

Today artists invent new territories, express other ways of representing the contemporary world by crossing the boundaries of the visual and musical art fields. In a time of globalization, numerical dematerialisation and breeding of disciplines, the Haute École des Arts du Rhin (HEAR) meets the challenge of contemporary creation. HEAR made the choice of merging three institutions with different historical backgrounds, and covering two separate pedagogic fields. Thus we aim to prepare enlightened musicians and visual artists to the complexity of the contemporary world. 

Teaching of the arts cannot follow a unique method and never ceases to reinvent itself. HEAR asserts pedagogical experimentation by favouring unusual academic paths and valuing different forms of expression. By associating theoretical and practical teachings, both individually and collectively, we ensure the personal empowerment and social awareness of our students. Built on a deliberate progression, their academic path is also made of take-offs and downturns, all of which are constructive experiences. Throughout his / her life, the musician, the designer or the visual artist takes on these risks and deals with the uncertain.