Frans Masereel Centrum

Frans Masereel Centrum artist working in front of his private cabin.

The mission of the Frans Masereel Centrum is to provide a place where artists, researchers, and graphic designers can meet, reside, and experiment. As a print media lab, we offer our residents the opportunity to work with intaglio, relief printing, screenprint or lithography. In addition to traditional printing techniques, we also offer a variety of digital printing techniques, laser cutting, and risograph. The graphical laboratory is a place where the possibilities of graphical applications are being researched, widened, and reformulated. The focus during the residency lies in the development of the artistic practices and production. Artists are supported by a technical staff and are also consulted by several curators, gallery owners, and academics to reflect on their work. There are weekly artist meetings organized to discuss and receive feedback.

The Frans Masereel Centrum is also open to visitors. Through different graphic projects, like exhibitions and print-related presentations, the Centre seeks to stimulate new graphic practices. In order to fully develop all its activities the Frans Masereel Centre regularly collaborates with other residency centres, museums, art houses, workplaces, postgraduate programs, and others. We offer three different residency types to try to enclose and show a variety of views on what the graphic medium brings.

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