Following Artforum's practice in contemporary art, Bookforum provides coverage by and about the world's best writers. From fiction to philosophy, politics to the arts, each issue of Bookforum will captivate you. Learn from Pulitzer Prize—winning historian William S. McFeely how the US relinquished its commitment to equality, or why, according to leading Shakespeare biographer James Shapiro, the "Shakespeare Wars" never got started. And find out why Richard Powers may be our brainiest novelist. Bookforum is unique in its coverage of the best and most interesting new titles drawn from a spectrum of independent and university publishers. Recent issues include Phillip Lopate, Irvine Welsh, James Ivory, and many others on the history of translating fiction into film; Studs Terkel and Terry Gross on the art of the literary interview; and Hazel Rowley on Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre's travels in Amazonia.

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