Associazione "Fare arte nel nostro tempo/ making art in out time"

Association "Making art in our time" is a private, independent, non-profit association established in 2012. The Association works in collaboration with and for the support of the Museo Cantonale d’Arte in Lugano and other public and private organisations. The Association intends to promote meetings on some contemporary themes, mainly focusing on the work of artists and on the visions of specialists from other disciplines on the basis of a multidisciplinary model. Using the general idea “Visions in dialogue,” a series of day-long conferences are organized at least twice a year on themes regarding art and society, art and identity, art and science, art and culture, art and method, including a History of Art specialist, one or more internationally-known artists, a scientist and a philosopher or historian to confront the theme of the day. These day-long conferences are open to the public. The conferences are also directed towards increasing the participation of a greater number of people through the circulation of the reports and presentations given by the invited speakers on the Association’s website and YouTube. The Association proposes to undertake other activities and to collaborate with other organisations on themes specific to proposals close to its own goals, in particular in the framework of projects held in common.

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