Wake Forest University

Scales Fine Art Center on the campus of Wake Forest University, home to the Art Department and its programs in studio art and art history. Courtesy Wake Forest University.

The Art Department at Wake Forest University includes undergraduate programs in both art history and studio art, with 13 full-time faculty. We offer studio courses in film and video, photography, drawing, painting, sculpture, and printmaking. We are committed to equity-focused teaching practices and diversity in the design of our curriculum. We engage students in understanding and appreciating the richly diverse world of artists and artistic production. With our mission to empower student creativity and critical understanding, we encourage, foster, and promote individual expression. We welcome students of all backgrounds, religious faiths, sexuality and gender identity, race, ethnicity, and ability status. We give students the tools to create new artistic and historical narratives: to communicate, to think critically, and to contribute at Wake Forest and beyond.

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