Miguel Braceli, Proyecto Colectivo "Biblioteca Abierta." Public art project, Caracas, Venezuela. Photo: Kathiana Cardona. © Miguel Braceli.

LA ESCUELA___ is an artist-run platform for radical learning and collective making in public spaces. It functions as a trans-local network and living archive of artist-run practices and collaborative-based educational models. Through artistic research, it offers a transdisciplinary program of free and open access to on-site and online projects. LA ESCUELA___ brings together universities, institutions, and communities to create experimental projects in public spaces throughout Latin America and beyond. LA ESCUELA___ draws upon the vast legacy of Latin American artists and educators, seeking to engage education with real-world contexts, in order to learn from and act upon them. LA ESCUELA___ was founded by the artist, architect, and educator Miguel Braceli and the international foundation Siemens Stiftung. It is based on Siemens Stiftung's initiatives within the cultural field in Latin America—in the development of co-creation programs and artistic interventions—and Braceli's work in the spheres of social practices and public art.

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