New Jersey City University

Hepburn Hall at New Jersey City University. Photo: Paul Gargiulo.

New Jersey City University is located in Jersey City, NJ just minutes away from New York City, giving students access to the world’s premier museums, art galleries, design studios, agents, curators, critics, and art collectors. Our proximity and professional connections to NYC offer a global perspective and opportunities for career development.

The MFA and MA program at NJCU is a dynamic curriculum that offers an intense and close relationship with faculty and colleagues in a state of the art facility. Our faculty work with students on an individual basis, providing a consistent guide as they proceed through their studies. One-on-one and group critiques are the core evaluative methodology of the program along with an intense study of art historical practice and contemporary theory. We offer part-time and full time enrollment options.

In the dedicated Visual Arts Building, MFA students are provided with separate semi-private studios in Painting/ Drawing, Jewelry/Metals, Sculpture, Graphic Design, and Illustration. Photography and Printmaking both have new equipment and facilities for graduate student use. All of the disciplines provide the latest digital technology: computers, scanners, printers, drawing tablets, CNC Router, and 3D printers, specifically reserved for graduate students in MFA studios.

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