Vilnius University

Image courtesy Vilnius University (VU).

Since its establishment in the 16th century, Vilnius University, as integral part of European science and culture has embodied the concept­ of a classical university and the unity of studies and research.

Vilnius University is an active participant in international scientific and academic activities and boasts many prominent scientists, professors and graduates. Scientific development and the expanding relations with global research centres have contributed to the variety of research and studies at Vilnius University.

Established in 1579 and aimed at further pursuing the European cultural and academic traditions the Faculty of Philosophy is the oldest faculty of Vilnius University. It is a broad-spectrum contemporary institution that conducts research in humanities and social sciences and also offers undergraduate, graduate and professional degree programmes in in these areas.

The Institute of Philosophy is one of the integral parts of the Faculty of Philosophy. It accommodates academics with multiple interests in classical and contemporary philosophy. Classical areas of philosophy covered at the Institute include the history of Western philosophy, modern social and political philosophy, logic, ethics, and the philosophy of science. Beyond that, members of the Institute engage with contemporary issues such as information society, environmental care, the Anthropocene, philosophical challenges of technological development and visual culture.

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