Nordland School of Arts and Film

Photo: Snorre Sætereng, from Franciska Eliassens' 2019 BA graduate project.

Nordland School of Arts and Film offers a bachelors education that enables each student to function as an independent filmmaker working with moving images through her or his own artistic practice, practical experience, and critical reflection. At the same time, we value exploring collective thinking and practices within a field in rapid development, both in terms of content and technology.

The field of moving images crosses the boundaries of film and visual arts to expand and challenge both. Our BA-program teaches students to develop an artistic and critical practice within the field of moving images.

Nordland School of Arts and Film is in continuous development, interacting with the field in which we operate. The school is intended to function as a meeting place and to challenge the status quo through new thinking and practices.

The school is located in Kabelvåg in Lofoten, Norway, surrounded by wild nature. This is an important part of the school's identity. The changes of the region in terms of climate change, oil extraction, ocean use, fisheries, and shipping routes make us especially interested in new perspectives on the future world order. Post-colonial, feminist, and bio-political discourses are central to the education.

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