Hood Museum of Art at Dartmouth College

The Hood Museum of Art at Dartmouth enables and cultivates transformative encounters with works of artistic and cultural significance to advance critical thinking and enrich people's lives. The reimagined Hood will make a bolder statement about the significance of the arts within the life of Dartmouth and provide the arts district with an arresting new front door to the Green. With its renewed focus on serving Dartmouth's faculty and academic mission, the renovated and expanded facility will broaden the museum's reach to students, faculty, and departments across campus, while deepening its engagement with its longtime stakeholders. 

The new Hood will continue to innovate in object-based teaching and learning by setting the standard for experiential engagement with art and material culture.It will design, implement, communicate, and evaluate exceptional object-based pedagogy and develop resources and activities for diverse audience experiences and interactions in the center for object study, galleries, events space, studio, and elsewhere within and beyond the museum. The Hood will also continue to extend its impact as an important regional museum with a distinct role in K­–12 education, continuing education, and community engagement.

Above: An installation of postwar collection highlights in the Hood's new Northeast Gallery. Photograph copyright Michael Moran. Courtesy of the Hood Museum of Art at Dartmouth.