Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains

Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains is:
> a unique school attracting students from all over the world,
> an accessible space open to everyone (with exhibitions, cinema, cultural events),
> a place for creation and innovation,
> a place for exchange with the most prestigious regional, national and international institutions.

Two-year course

>1st year devoted to the production of works using the techniques and media of cinema, photography and video as well as sound and music.

Cinema remains an important practical and theoretical part of the learning process at Le Fresnoy, which draws on an extensively celebrated cinephile culture. The cinematic works made by Le Fresnoy students are noteworthy for their experimental dimension.

Photography, too, remains an important means of expression at the school.

>2nd year dedicated to the extensive territories of digital art and new creative technologies.

Teaching at Le Fresnoy is based on the premise of graduating to the production of full-scale, professional standard works. The school offers all the professional tools needed to make audiovisual and digital art.

Candidate selection: free
Studies fees: 760€ per year

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