Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum

Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum is located in the West end of Xishan Cultural and Creative Boulevard, Haidian District, Beijing. Previously established in 2008, it was registered as a private and nonprofit art institution at Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau in 2011. Inside-Out Art Museum consistently focuses on Chinese and foreign artists and thinkers, committing itself to the continuation and reflection of the intellectual dialogue between China and the West, between tradition and modernity, which has been practiced in the art world for more than a century. Inside-Out Art Museum engages in the realities on the international level, and equally focuses on the local and regional particularities. As a private art institution in China, Inside-Out Art Museum endeavors to capture the real moments of changes in the historical period of dramatic transformations in artistic thoughts, providing the soil for the growing of Chinese contemporary art, intellectual thinking, and the standards of artistic practices.

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