ThalieLab | Thalie Art Foundation

ThalieLab is the physical expression of Thalie Art Foundation, a private foundation based in Brussels. Its mission is to support socially engaged contemporary art by inviting the artist to deploy a reflection, an action, an artwork on the living and the political territory in order to work on the mutations of our society in a concern of “Innovation and social impact”. The foundation is active in 4 areas:
- Production support: financial and logistical support for artistic projects.
- Residency: Providing networking, workspaces and accommodation.
- Mediation: Exhibition and public dissemination of projects.
- Art education: Introduction to and exploration of creative arts. 
The aim of the residency is to offer a new approach to contemporary art creation, by taking the following criteria into account:
• Involvement of a community in the development of the artist’s project
• Support of an institutional partner
• Diversity in the type of end results generated (film, performance, visual or audio creation, publication, exhibition, workshop,…)
ThalieLab and Thalie Art Foundation are a private initiative of Nathalie Guiot, a collector, writer and curator. 



Two sessions per year (three laureates per session), full-time, from one to six months.


Visual art, educational programmes, new media, printmaking, curatorial, film making, sculpture, performing arts, textile art, food design.

visiting artists

Grace Ndiritu, Elena Mazzi, Louise Hervé, and Chloé Maillet.