Sommerakademie Paul Klee

A decade ago, the Sommerakademie im Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern introduced a landmark educational template that is being reinvented by the reestablished Sommerakademie Paul Klee, beginning in August 2017. The new Sommerakademie Paul Klee under artistic director Tirdad Zolghadr is a fully funded program offering artists a departure from business as usual, without becoming an exhausting interruption in its own right. It caters to practitioners working at a postgraduate level, whether or not they have an official certificate saying so. Professional experience and intellectual appetite are the main requirements. Over two summer sessions—August 2019 and August 2020—eight residents are granted access to the university’s outstanding infrastructure and technical support. In addition, residents are offered teaching opportunities with students of the Bern University of the Arts HKB.

Although based on the idea of an academy, the aim is to transcend the blueprint of seminars and tutorials, and to focus on group research and cross-professional coalition building. With its atypical timeline, and exceptional facilities, it sought to combine rigorous collective inquiry with the perks of production-oriented residencies.

An Art & Education School Watch profile of Sommerakademie Paul Klee by Aoife Rosenmeyer can be found here.

Above: Introduction to the printing workshop at the Bern University of the Arts HKB, August 2017. Photo by Bahar Noorizadeh.



Two summer sessions in Bern, sixteen days each; additional time to use the Bern University of the Arts' production facilities; possible teaching opportunities with students of the university.

current faculty

Tirdad Zolgahdr, artistic director

notable alumni

Johanna Bruckner
Crystal Z Campbell
Luiza Crosman
Alexandros Kyriakatos
Alexis Mitchell
Bahar Noorizadeh
Heather M. O’Brien
Jonathan Takahashi

visiting artists

Jaya Klara Brekke
Rival Strategy

Philippe Bischof
Tashy Endres
Adelita Husni-Bey
Dieter Lesage
Renzo Martens
Suhail Malik
Enno Schmidt
Lise Soskolne
Leonardo Vilchis