Netherlands Film Academy at Amsterdam University of the Arts

The Netherlands Film Academy trains students to become specialists in the film industry. Collaboration between these specialists is a particular characteristic both of the industry itself and of the teaching at the academy. Students learn all the techniques they will need to enable them to carry out their profession at the highest level. They are trained to be true filmmakers and given plenty of scope to develop their talent and their own voice and style. 

Artistic Research is explored in the Master of Film program. Thinking and doing, making and reflecting are intrinsically interwoven within this program. The Master program, the LAB and the Artists in Residence make an important contribution to the development and innovation of film itself and the wider field. 



Bachelor: Four years, full-time.
Master: Two years, full-time.


Directing Fiction, Directing Documentary, Scriptwriting, Production, Cinematography, Editing, Sound Design, Production Design, Visual Effects, and Immersive Media.

Artistic Research/Practice-based Research, Multidisciplinary. 

current faculty

Michel de Graaf
Kasper Oerlemans
‚ÄčAnita Smit
Danyael Sugawara
Annemiek van der Zanden
Anne van Melick
Mick van Rossum
Rene van Uffelen
Ben Zijlstra

‚ÄčSander Blom
Mieke Bernink
Aneta Lesnikovska
Eyal Sivan
Wineke van Muiswinkel

notable alumni

Bogomir Doringer
Agnese Cornelio
Mirka Duijn
Rosanne Pel
Maria Molina Peiro