August 2021

Webrings, HTML/CSS, and Web Hosting with Flora and Jules


This tutorial is an introduction to webrings, which, before algorithmically aggregated content feeds, were a way content-producing user communities on the World Wide Web linked to each other's websites. Beyond this recycling of early web architecture, the tutorial is an introduction to the basic craft of making websites through hand-coding HTML documents, enabling students to build websites that are free from the form and content limitations of paid-subscription self-publishing services and social media profiles.

We include this video for both its content and its context, as it was published by the Fine Arts Reading Room at Concordia University, a student-run initiative that feels like a distant but beloved relative of memeclassworldwide. The Fine Arts Reading Room is funded by a seventy-cent contribution from every university student, illustrating a practical model of how initiatives like memeclassworldwide could sustainably exist within established institutional structures.

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