August 2021

The Asspizza Story, presented by Threaducation


The well-crafted mythology of streetwear designer Asspizza is a masterclass in how fame is built through distributed online performance, how products are artificially made scarce in the age of infinitely on-demand reproducible merchandise, and how timed releases of products hyped online—“drops”—can shut down a city block within minutes.

In itself, the video is emblematic of a new type of DIY edutainment video channel that has become a source for self-directed research on niche aesthetics and discourses. Through ongoing, immersive, in-depth research and excessive asset scraping on internet platforms, these bedroom documentarists bring stories to audiences as they develop. Their original research takes place outside of institutional academia and its systems of exclusion and validation, making discourses and movements accessible to audiences in adjacent filter bubbles.

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