March 2021

Lola Willemin: but the world goes round

Corona Kino

“Sometimes you're happy, sometimes you’re sad, but the world goes ‘round” sings Liza Minelli in the song scoring Lola Willemin’s cinematic collage of snapshots of everyday life. The coordinated sequences show sometimes more, sometimes less intimate views of friends, family, and the artist’s neighborhood. On the one hand, but the world goes round records the narrowing of human circulation by global events, while on the other hand its central motifs are mobility, movement, and flowing water—a washing machine’s spin cycle, rain on a car’s windshield, and people on the road, in the shower, in a lake, and at the Rhine harbor. Despite all restrictions, they try to keep circulation and exchange alive, which Willemin visualizes by means of analogies and poetic parallels.

Lola Willemin, but the world goes round, 2021. HD video, color, and sound, 27 mins 43 secs.

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