March 2021

Lea Rüegg: La chambre de Madame Malaise

Corona Kino

La chamber de Madame Malaise is an uncanny allegory about the power dynamics of the gaze. Based on autobiographical events, the narrative opens up different ways of thinking about technology and its impact on the human psyche and social relationships. How do we see others without being seen ourselves? How do we observe and be observed by others without being fully aware of the gaze? The voice is an important tool in Lea Rüegg’s work: it’s used to express a variety of emotions and states in order to expand and complicate the sense of self. The voice thus becomes a transmitter of feeling that creates moments of intimacy with the audience.

Lea Rüegg, La chambre de Madame Malaise, 2020. HD video, color, and sound, 6 mins 52 secs.

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