March 2021

Mia Sanchez: Arme Tiere

Corona Kino

A studio scene—a close-up view of a work in progress filmed by the artist—can be a form of meditation and self-reflection, or an expression of doubt. In the background of Arme Tiere, piano chords accompany a spoken poem based on a text from a 1959 gouache by artist Hannah Höch, Ich bin ein armes Tier (I am a poor animal). What seems at first like a grammar exercise becomes a kind of mantra or inner monologue. Conjugation intensifies the feelings of abandonment and hopelessness, but at the same time it offers comfort in the collectivity of language. As the monologue progresses, the voice calling for cessation becomes the voice of reason.

Mia Sanchez, Arme Tiere, 2020. HD video, color, and sound, 1 min 48 secs.

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