March 2021

Carolina Brunelli: Relics of a Work I Never Gave Birth

Corona Kino

Carolina Brunelli’s Relics of a Work I Never Gave Birth shows the artist herself silently preparing a variety of herbs for a ritual bath while a female voice-over speaking Portuguese reflects on the forces of mother nature:

It was actually by chance that the day my friend came to film the video I wanted to make for my motherhood manifesto I was preparing a bath. Not a normal bath but a sacred one. In candomblé—an African-Brazilian religion widespread but also discriminated [against]—we prepare baths with herbs to clean ourselves, to give us strength and open our minds and ways when we face difficulties. It is an act of self-care.

Carolina Brunelli, Relics of a Work I Never Gave Birth, 2020. HD video, color, and sound, 4 mins 10 secs.

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