Bruno Muel: The History of Medvedkine Groups: From Besançon to Sochaux

From Imaging Dissent: Towards Becoming a Common Subject

The Medvedkine Groups were several organizations of film technicians and factory workers in France who made documentaries that depict the realities of factory life and their struggle against exploitation. Initiated by Chris Marker in Besançon in 1967, the project continued in 1968 with the creation of another Medvedkine Group in Sochaux involving filmmaker Bruno Muel and young workers at a Peugeot car factory.

This interview was conducted by “We are a collective of two women who have started to film struggles at the workplace and in the street—because they inspire us. We need our own images in order not to become a mere appendage of the dominant images and ideas, to develop our own social imagination and to spread the news of struggles and successes. is an internet platform for films on labour movement struggles. We collect them and make them available for free, online and for presentations and meetings. So far, our archive holds 750 films from 52 different countries. Every year about 50 new ones are added. Gradually we are becoming an historical pictorial chronicle of the class struggles in different countries. The workers themselves have their say in our films. The films document important experiences and lessons learned. One of them is: We have a lot of power when we organize together. The films are essential in order to preserve working class history.”

January 13, 2020

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