Dan S. Wang: Shared Perspectives on the Wisconsin Uprising

From Social Relations > Property Relations: A Speculative Curriculum

Dan, a good friend and someone whose political conviction, thinking, and writing I greatly admire, draws here a continuum between earlier political actions and their contemporary effects on a regional scale. In this short talk, which exemplifies his admirable convictions, he frames social movements as the inheritors of “the unresolved effects of earlier political trauma.” Included here at the end of this line of thought, I want to create something like a circle, a loop, a gathering. As Dan briefly echoes Eve Tuck’s point on hauntings and attention to horror narratives as metaphors for our social and political lives, albeit to different effect, we find ourselves back at Tuck, with new insights in tow.

February 15, 2019

Creative Time

Curated by

Anthony Romero