Inhabitants: What is Deep Sea Mining?

From Up Close: Moving People, Changing Climate

What is Deep Sea Mining? is an artist film disguised as an educational film structured as a single shot that plumbs deeper and deeper into the sea as more information on ocean mining is dredged up. Named for the Peleshian film mentioned above, Inhabitants has contributed substantially to the integration of serious thinking on climate change within contemporary art—a field that has been counterintuitively slow to address the politics of climate change directly. Inhabitants’ work on resource extraction and the looming mass extinction specifically addresses fossil-fuel fracking in Portugal (which has just begun, maddeningly); it is smartly structured as a didactic series that explains and uncovers the receding frontiers of the sea.

The film was made with Margarida Mendes, curator and climate activist based in Lisbon whose practice is almost entirely dedicated to understanding how a shifting climate impacts society’s capacity for imagination. She is a founding member of Oceano Livre, the environmental movement against deep sea mining

November 10, 2018


Curated by

Céline Condorelli