NOTHING: The Science of Emptiness

From The Physics of Nothing

This video begins with a thirty minute talk by University of Cambridge cosmologist and author John Barrow on the history of conceptions of “vacuum” in theology and physics, and then continues with a panel discussion moderated by journalist John Hockenberry that includes several luminaries in physics: Nobel laureate and Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Frank Wilczek, who is most famous for his work in developing the theory of quarks; South African cosmologist and University of Cape Town professor George Ellis, whose 1973 book with Stephen Hawking, The Large-Scale Structure of Space and Time, remains the locus classicus of general relativity and cosmology; and English physicist Paul Davies, a professor at Arizona State University, who is known for his work developing the theory of quantum fields in curved space and time. The discussion is engaging and informative, as it makes very clear how, as Barrow puts it, “nothing can be something.”

April 24, 2018

World Science Festival

Curated by

James Owen Weatherall