January 11, 2023

MA & MFA in Emergent Digital Practices

Emergent Digital Practices at the University of Denver

Austin Slominski, Perennial, 2022. Courtesy of Amanda Tipton.

Austin Slominski, Perennial, 2022. Courtesy of Amanda Tipton.

The Emergent Digital Practices program (EDP) is a groundbreaking, interdisciplinary fusion of Digital Arts, Design, Culture, and Technology focused on building a better world. Our faculty and students seek to better understand emerging technologies and their influential impacts on cultures and ecologies. We use those technologies in a hands-on, collaborative environment to contribute to more meaningful and equitable communities.

Our faculty are creative digital media artists, creative coders, designers, scholars and critics. We are futurists driven to action by the inevitable challenges that emerge in our shared, complex, dynamic universe. We invite students to practice synthesizing critical thinking and imagination while engaging with their communities. Our mission is to help create new leaders in emerging digital knowledge, technology and culture that will shape our collective futures. For over twenty-five years we have been the nexus of innovation and connections across the arts, humanities, and sciences at the University of Denver.

We welcome applications to our MA and MFA in Emergent Digital Practices. The priority deadline is January 31, 2023. Applications submitted after this time will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the final deadline on July 14, 2023.

MA in Emergent Digital Practices
Our MA in Emergent Digital Practices is a two-year degree that gives students the opportunity to analyze and contextualize various areas of study in relation to technology and digital tools while also materializing an engaging public project that demonstrates their voice. We work with creative students who think critically and work in spaces beyond the defined and familiar. To complete the degree program, students create a thesis project that will serve as a portfolio and example for future employers of how they engage and empower others with thoughtfully applied technologies. View admission requirements and apply here.

MFA in Emergent Digital Practices
Our MFA in Emergent Digital Practices is a three-year, technically advanced degree in which students use new technologies to produce creative works. Through access to state-of-art spaces and hands-on opportunities to master diverse digital tools, students can push the boundaries of artistic and critical expression. MFA students complete their degree by creating and publicly showcasing a body of original artwork. View admission requirements and apply here.

Contact: For admissions or program inquiries, contact Kate Hollenbach, Graduate Director, Emergent Digital Practices: kate.hollenbach [​at​]

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