May 13, 2022

Weekly online courses 2022

Transart Institute

Photos: Aleks Slota.

Transart Institute is pleased to announce three weekly online sessions designed to explore what creative research is and does, clarify your direction, and get you ready for your practice-based PhD or MFA. First, come to our online discussion and get the wider picture from our faculty. Then attend our tried and trusted proposal development workshop to hone your ideas and finally come back and get one-to-one feedback on your draft proposal.

Give yourself the luxury of allowing your ideas the time to unfold and emerge from reflection on your practice, and start to prepare for your doctoral project now—you might surprise yourself by being ready to apply sooner than you expect. More information here. These sessions are free.

Session one: Friday, May 20 2–3:30pm UTC
—An online roundtable and primer
Join Transart's Head of Doctoral Studies, Dr Michael Bowdidge and guests for a round table discussion and Q&A session that unpacks and unfolds the unique Transart approach to creative research. Learn the key principles that underpin and inform practice-based research in almost every discipline and hear how your creative practice can contribute to this timely and urgent global project.

Session two: Friday, May 27 2–4:30pm UTC
"Entwining the Threads"
—an online research proposal development workshop (eight places maximum)
Every successful practice-based doctoral research project springs from the questions that lie at the very heart of our individual creative practices. This sounds obvious, but it's the key to ensuring that your project is intellectually rigorous and remains creatively vital. This workshop will help you write the killer research proposal that will unlock and kickstart your creative research project. So join us for this event and open the research potential of your creative practice.

Session three: Friday, June 3 8am–4:30pm UTC
One-to-one feedback on your proposal ​(choose a 30-minute slot)
Sign up for dedicated one-to-one feedback on your draft proposal with Transart's Head of Doctoral Studies, Dr Michael Bowdidge. Get real-time, actionable and relevant feedback to find your project's voice, hone your creative research proposal and prepare you to embark on graduate research in creative practice.

In Transart's two innovative courses (MFA and PhD), your creative practice entwines with writing and reflection to become rigorous and original research—in short; your practice is the research. Our intuitive, responsive courses provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to come to grips with and explore the deep questions that drive your creative work. Your time in the program will also transform your practice and awareness of what it can do and result in a significant contribution to knowledge in your field while also strengthening your standing in the academic jobs market. Your research will culminate in submitting an integrated thesis, including a presentation, exhibition, publication, reading, performance, screening, or other forms of dissemination.

We offer degrees in partnership with the esteemed Liverpool John Moores University, our accrediting institution.

Connect with us to discuss your goals, the admissions process, course structure or any other questions:
PhD: Dr Michael Bowdidge, Head of Doctoral Studies, bowdidge [at] or book a zoom conversation with him here.
MFA: Susie Quillinan, Head of Masters Studies, mfa [at] or book a zoom conversation with her here.

Sign up
Round table panel discussion here: Friday, May 20, 2022: 2–3:30pm UTC
Proposal development session here: Friday, May 27, 2022: 2–4:30pm UTC
One-to-one proposal feedback sessions here: Friday, June 3: 8am–4:30pm UTC.

Alternatively, submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) here.

Rolling admissions to MFA/PhD with September start date: June 1–July 1 for 2022-23 / September 1–November 1 for 2023-24.

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